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ePharmacy 2.0 : Connecting medical stores online

DawaiBank inviting EOI from the existing offline pharmacy stores and join the ePharmacy Revolution of India

Expand your business & revenues.

Move with the business transitions.

Prove your expertise in Pharmacy gained after running a retail medical store for years.

Requirements of the medical store for applying to DawaiBank online franchise:

  • Must be able to estimate the demand in that area.
  • Maintaining stock levels of high frequency medicines for fast service.
  • Maintaining necessary registrations of drug regulatory authorities, documentation and procedures to comply with the laws of the state and center governments.
  • Must be able to provide excellent service to customers.
  • Must be having a required staff to procure, pack and deliver medicines to customers within 24 hours.
  • Must be able to update order status online.
  • Must have competent staff to communicate with customers in regional & english language.
  • Generating demand by local marketing and promotional activities.

Why DawaiBank Franchise?

  • You can be the proud online partner in your city with a reputed brand with assured income.
  • You can multiply your revenues multi times because now will get online orders from the whole city.
  • You can show your business skills in marketing, finance & operations to work in highly structured business.

What support does DawaiBank provide to the online franchisee?

  • Online platform to get orders from android/iOs apps and website from the whole city.
  • Technical Training for the franchisee and its staff.
  • Receive online payments for orders.
  • Audit support

What is the eligibility criteria to be a franchisee or who can become a franchisee?

Basic profile

  • Individuals willing to work hard, diligent and dedicated.
  • Should be willing to personally manage the pharmacy operations rather than through employees.
  • Should have the ability to do basic mathematics and understand trade terms, margins, profit & loss.

Skills & Experience:

  • Good in using online apps ,word, excel, emails and other internet softwares.( We would provide training in running apps).
  • Must be Graduate or MBA(preferably).
  • Prior minimum 2-3 experience in running a medical store is mandatory.

In what locations are the franchises offered?

  • DawaiBank Online franchise is available Pan India.

Location & Premises Criteria

  • Location in a city is not important but 300 sqft space to store inventory & execute operations is required.

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ePharmacy 2.0: Now Ready for Connecting medical stores online

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